Summer Survival, Chub Rub & More…

Summer is finally here.

It’s the words most of the population have been yearning to hear. All over Britain people are rejoicing in the promise of sun sea and sand however I am not. Like most of you out there I love the sun. I love BBQ’S in the back garden and walks on the beach. But for people like me Summer can also kinda a nightmare…

There’s excessive sweating for a start. Bugs are another issue. I’m all for saving the planet and everything but can I eat my veggie burger without 9 trillion ants tryna bag a bite? No. And don’t even get me started on the dreaded chub rub. So today I thought I would share with you all of my top tricks and tips to stay cool and comfy this summer.

Chub Rub
Ah the dreaded chub rub. Such a cute name for something so horrendously painful am I right?! Honestly nothing ruins your summer more than that painful red chafing you get after walking for literally 0.5 minutes. It was the bane of my life until I found a super cheap & easy way to stop it…Talcum powder! Talc is a absolute miracle in disguise. Just pop some between your thighs and you’re legs will glide baby! You can use it before you go out to prevent cub rub or dash a bit on when you begin to feel the burn. It does wear off after a while so make sure to put some in your bag and reapply whenever you nip to the loo. Easy peasy am I right?! You can also buy anti chafing gels from places like Boots which I would also recommend.

Shorts Struggle
Why are shorts always soooo short?! Yes I want my legs out but personally I don’t want my butt hanging out too. I always struggle to find shorts as I have quite muscular thighs that hot pants just do not cooperate with. Looking online is the best bet as most online retailers now provide plus, petite and regular ranges meaning there are a range of types, textures and lengths to suit all. Cycling shorts are also a thing. Knee length, super comfy and silky smooth they keep you comfortable and stylish as well as helping with that god awful chub rub!

Sweaty Betty
The main reason I don’t like summer is because I hate sweating. I’ve just spent 40 minutes putting my makeup on for it to be dripping off my face within 10 minutes of me walking out the door…WHYYYY?! If like me you want to keep your makeup locked in place then try using a setting spray. My two favourites are the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray and the Rimmel London Setting Spray. You can also keep a handheld fan handy to fan yourself like the Greek goddess you are.

Fake it till you make it
This one is a personal preference but I like to use fake tan in the summer to give me that summer glow. I’m naturally quite pale so I like to use it to give me that extra confidence boost as I always feel sexier and confident in myself when I have a ‘tan’ as I feel it makes my insecurities look a little cuter and I’m all about feeling confident this summer.

Dare to bare

No matter what size you are don’t be afraid to dare to bare this summer! I know that a lot of people can feel the need to hide over summer you don’t need too. Crop tops, shorts and Maxi dresses are all great options to keep you cool and it’s just too hot to worry what others think so dare to bare some skin! What you wear is entirely up to you and you alone. There are so many retailers out there with a wide variety of clothing lines for every shape and size so flaunt what your mother gave you and you just do you ❀️

Until next time,



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  1. Really enjoyed this post! Chub rub is the absolute worst, will deffo try some talc. Have such trouble trying to buy shorts, feel like they never fit me right xx

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    1. Honestly it works a treat I couldn’t live without it now!xx

      Liked by 1 person

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