Top 10 MCU Moments ๐Ÿ’ช


I’m soooo excited. I can barley control myself. Avengers: Infinity War is FINALLY here!!!

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since this all started?! Ten years since Tony Stark declared himself Iron Man and began what would become the biggest movie franchise in the world. I don’t get to see the movie until tomorrow so in honour of Avengers Infinity War’s release I thought We’d take a look back through Marvel’s most epic and heart wrenching moments. So buckle up. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

1. ‘I am Iron Man’
One of the most iconic moments in MCU’s history is when Tony Stark’s reveals himself as Iron man to the world. Before this movies usually had hero’s lurk in the dark leading secret double lives until Tony came along and changed all that.

2. ‘I’m Always Angry.’
One of the most epic scenes is when Bruce Banner transforms into the hulk and brings down the giant incoming Chitauri ship in a single punch. KO. Ding Ding round over.

3. Avengers Assemble
The first time we see the Avengers fighting together is one I’ll never forget. That amazing 360 shot of our fave heroes standing together as they face off against the Chitauri still gives me chills.

4. Loki Is Alive
Despite being the main antagonist in Avengers Assemble Loki quickly became a firm favourite of mine so I was somewhat saddened by his death during Thor: A Dark World but we were all fooled by the god of mischief as he revealed himself to be alive and well and impersonating his father /not father Odin at the end of the movie.

5. Iron man VS Cap
One of the most emotional scenes in MCU history is the heart wrenching moment Tony discovers the truth about his parents ๐Ÿ’”. The scene is hard to watch as our favourite hero’s battle it out. There is so much that happens in this scene. Steve betrays Tony. Bucky loses an arm. Steve leaves his shield. SO MANY FEELS. This storyline is one which divided the MCU fans forever and one I am keen to see be followed up in Infinity War #TeamIronMan

6. ‘We Are Groot.’
I have nothing to say about this scene. It still hurts too much.

7. Vison Lifts Mjolnir
WHAAAAAT? One of my favourite scenes is when the newly formed Vison unknowingly convinces the team they can trust him by lifting Mjolnir leaving both the avengers and the audience in a stunned silence.

8. ‘We’re the Guardians of the Galaxy’
A dance off. An infinity stone and a stand of solidarity in purple CGI flames between unlikely allies now bound together to save the planet. Sounds epic to me.

9. Airport scene
Divided our hero’s face off in the most awesome fight scene in MCU history as friend goes against friend. With the introduction of Spider-Man, witty humour and some serious ass kicking skills this scene will always be one of my favourites.

10. Bucky stops Cap’s shield
Another jaw dropping moment is when Bucky AKA the winter solider stops Cap’s shield dead in the air causing both us and Rogers to look on at the then unfamiliar face in confusion and awe.

So there you have it my top ten best MCU moments. What are some of your favourites moments and are any of you going to see Infinity war?

No spoilers please!

Until next time,

Abby – x-


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