Pints, Pals & Pizza |Birthday Celebrations 🎈🎈

Hi guys! I’ve had such an eventual few weeks so apologies for not uploading as frequently this week. I was sick for a few weeks, then I managed to injure myself and then on Friday it was my birthday! I turned 24 (though I feel 60 with my aching joints and grey hairs haha) and spend the weekend celebrating with family and friends.

My actual birthday was Friday but I had already had some pre birthday drinks with some friends the weekend before so spent Friday doing what I love best – lazing around in pyjamas watching movies and eating chocolate. After FINALLY seeing Moana we got dressed and headed to see some family before coming back home to meet some friends and headed out.

One of my bestest frends, Dave. He’s a newbie blogger too and can be found at

We spent the evening bowling which, I was rather worried about (lets just say I haven’t had the best experiences when it comes to bowling) but it was a lot of fun, indulging in candyfloss cocktails and a huge pizzas what wasn’t to like?

On Saturday I did a little bit of shopping after work which my colleague had gotten me a cake 😱 i totally didnt expect it but it was such a sweet gesture and melted my heart. For tea we headed to KFC before hitting the cinema to see the new Jigsaw movie – which was great by the way!

Honestly i had such a lovely weekend. It was nice to meet up with people and just have some fun, I’m very thankful for my gifts and now have a crap tonne of Amaretto to drink. Seriously, I think I have like three bottles. My friends must think I’m an addict or something πŸ˜‚ I had a really great day and I’m grateful for each one of my fam and friends who made my day that little bit more special ❀️

Thanks for stopping by!

Abby -x-



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  1. Lise says:

    Happy belated birthday!

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  2. sivylla says:

    Happy Birthday! I love all of your photos!
    Check out my latest blog post at:

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  3. Candyfloss cocktails? I didn’t know you could get those! Glad you had a lovely birthday weekend and belated happy birthday!


  4. Happy belated birthday from another November birthday person. Sounds like a fun day. The Amaretto sounds delicious – perfect for November and rolling into December!

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    1. Thank you and happy early/belated birthday to you too! Oh definitely its my fave all year round but even better with christmas round the corner! X


  5. Mrs.S LDN says:

    Happy Birthday :)!! Looks like you had a ball!! xx

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