Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Okay so I know literally everyone has likely heard about this foundation but I couldn’t resist sharing a little review with you all just incase some of you haven’t managed to try it out yet. Being on a tight budget I’m a more drugstore kinda gal so I was intrigued to try this out after seeing everyone raving about it on social media but was it worth the hype?


Retailing at £6.99 this foundation is purse friendly but high quality. I personally believe this foundation is better than some higher end brands so don’t let the price deceive you!The design is simple but clear and comes in a squeezy tube which is great as it allows you to get the most of a product and makes it ideal for travel. What I like most about this packaging is how visible the shade number is as this prevents me having to rummage around for ages looking for the right colour.



The formula is quite runny with no scent and provides a medium coverage. Easy to apply and blendable this can easily be built up if you prefer a more full coverage look and leaves your skin looking flawless. This foundation comes in both dewy and matte finishes. I use the ‘Maybelline matte and Poreless’ but it’s not a super matte look and gives you some radiance but is nowhere near dewy providing you with a lovely natural looking finish.



This foundation doesn’t look cakey nor tacky to touch when applied and lasted around 6 hours before I needed to touch up (however this is likely due to my skin type rather than the product as I find this issue with most foundations.) What I love about this foundation is that it holds incredibly well when doing exercise. I wear this to kickboxing (and trust me I sweat my ass off there) and this baby looks damn near perfect afterwards so it is ideal if you wanting something to wear whilst you sweat it out.



Overall I absolutely love this product. Affordable and high quality this product really is amazing. I have used this foundation for everyday wear, events and even exercise and it always looks flawless! I used to struggle finding the correct colour as I am more of a yellow base where as most pale foundations have a pinky undertone but Maybelline have brought out around 40 shades of this foundation meaning there is something suitable for all skin types! I bought this months ago and I still reach for it every single day. One of my holy grail products, so make sure to check this out if you haven’t already!

Thanks for stopping by!

Abby -x-


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