Benefit Porefessional Primer Review

Hi there! So I’ve received a lot of questions regarding Benefits Porefessional primer ever since I posted my GRWM so today I’m brining you guys a in-depth review about my experience with it which will hopefully help those of you considering buying it come to a decision.


Like many of you I was unsure whether to purchase this product at first because of the price. Being a student at the time meant I didn’t have a lot of spare cash (no surprise there) and I didn’t want to fork out a chunk of money for something that may not even work.  I haven’t used any of Benefit’s products back then so I was a little hesitant to say the least. However I was won over by the fact that it was oil free and supposed to minimise pores. I have combination skin ( which for those who don’t know is a bit like spin the wheel – you never know what you’re gonna get) and large pores so this sounded perfect for me and decided to take the plunge and bought it.


The Porefessional primer retails at £26.00. The packaging is a lovely turquoise blue and white with an image of a female spy on the front who later became the superheroine ‘Spygal’ after a collaboration with Marvel due to the success of the Primer. The product came in a squeezy tube with a easy black screw off lid and is available in one size though there are mini’s included in some of Benefit’s beauty kits.


The texture of this is absolutely amazing. It’s silicone based that leaves a silky smooth feeling that isn’t tacky or wet to touch. Lightweight the primer is quick dry and doesn’t seem to absorb into the skin like other primers but rather creates a translucent like barrier over the top layer of your skin leaving it smooth, soft and pores visibly reduced.


I apply this product before my makeup and never need to top up or reapply although it can also be used over the top of makeup to help mattify any oily areas. I find the primer lasts all day and really helps keeps my makeup in place for hours on end.


Overall I really love this product however I don’t think people with smaller pores will find this product of as much use. I think it really does minimise the appearance of my pores which makes me feel so much more confident, I really couldn’t live without this product now! Lightweight, smooth and translucent this primer really helps keep your makeup on for hours on end and I really couldn’t recommend it highly enough. This is a best seller for a reason after all!

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time,

Abby – x-

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  1. I remember seeing this primer in every single makeup tutorial on yt 2 years back. Everyone was obsessed with it. I’m glad that you love it. xx

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    1. Me too it was everywhere you looked but i guess there was a reason why it really is good haha x

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  2. Great review, this is one of my holy grails. I stray for a little from time to time but I always find my way back.

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    1. Im exactly the same, thank you! Xx

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  3. J | Beauty's Expert Amateur says:

    Heard so much hype about this, glad it’s worth it! I remember trying it on in the store and being all “wow”, but somehow never bought one for myself. Time to make the splash! xx

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    1. Its amazing! Go for it ☺️ xx

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  4. I like this primer too! I got a mini in one of my beauty subscription boxes and then had to get the full size.

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    1. Its amazing isnt it! 😍 thanks for your comment x


  5. Great review, I’ve often tried the samples of this but unsure whether I can justify buying the full-size one! x
    Hanney |

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